This is not an ordinary plastic chair. The 2K injection process behind it makes it sturdy and durable. The technology is complex, the result is simple: a comfortable and high quality lightweight stacking chair that fits in stylishly everywhere, from casual to formal, office to home, indoors and out. Spread them out across a patio or in a cafe, line them up in a dining hall or classroom. Bakhita makes it easy for people to pull up a chair and have a chat, lunch or even a learning experience. Choose the chair with arms or without: both are available in 10 fun colours.


With arms
Without arms


10 Colours to choose from


Chair overall height 80 cm
Chair overall width 44 cm
Chair overall depth 54 cm
Chair Seat height 46 cm

Two Stool height Options
Stool overall height 103 or 87 cm
Stool seat height 76 or 66 cm
Stool overall width 48 cm
Stool overall depth 47 cm

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